What to Expect From the California Hotel Casino

Choosing where to stay during your much-anticipated vacation should be done with plenty of consideration, since your lodging can really make or break a trip. Check out reviews of all the best downtown Las Vegas casino hotels for your lodging and entertainment needs. This area is one of America's hotspots for live-action gaming and unbeatable hospitality, and it is home to the grand California Hotel Casino. The City of Lights shines brightly and welcomes people from all over the US - and all over the world - with open arms.

At the California Hotel Casino, one of the most beautiful and welcoming lodging experiences in the area, you will find an amazing hospitality experience in their lush surroundings with impressive views. 85,000 square feet of tastefully elegant d├ęcor, luxury suites and exciting opportunities await you. From a luxurious rooftop pool to 5-star dining, you will have access to the best amenities and stay just minutes from all the richest entertainment the city has to offer. The attendants are known to be the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly in the business, and the hotel boasts an enchanting tropical theme that gives a realistic island party atmosphere to your stay. Established in 1975, "The Cal" is conveniently situated near the Main Street Bridge, which takes you over the downtown traffic to all the best attractions. However, even the hospitality and location is not the main reason visitors flock to these lodgings during their stay.

The fast-paced, live-action gambling scene is a staple of any trip that includes the California Hotel Casino. With thousands of video and reel slot machines, exciting table games like poker and blackjack, roulette, craps and everything in between, nobody could ever be bored with all the attractions around. The attendants will make you feel perfectly at home and take you to the best seat at your preferred game. There are even premier clubs for frequent flyers and high-rollers. No matter what your style or gambling budget, the massive number of choices available ensures that nobody ever gets left out of the fun. Are you excited for your travels yet?