Why You Need El Cortez Hotel Deals Before You Go to Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas casino hotels are among the greatest attractions available for visiting travelers, and the El Cortez is one of the finest. The building itself has 299 rooms, plus another 102 rooms in an adjacent tower also owned by the company. Rooms are available with a single king bed, two queen sized beds, with the option for a Jacuzzi tub. Visitors going for a more old-school feel can opt for one of the Vintage Rooms. These rooms are located right above the casino floor, and have stairway access only. As such, El Cortez hotel deals are incredibly popular among travelers to this location.

The casino downstairs offers some of the best slots games in the greater Las Vegas area; the walls and floor are lined with over 1100 slots games, ranging from penny slots to $5.00 machines for the high rollers. There is also a variety of progressive jackpot slots games with which people can try their luck! Players who prefer other styles of gaming are not left out, though, as the casino also hosts a variety of video poker and video keno as well as a wide variety of multi-game machines. No matter their budgets or preferences, everyone is sure to find something that they can enjoy here. Big winners, of course, are always treated to spectacular comps.

Those looking for the culinary experiences that Las Vegas has to offer are in for a number of treats. Coffee lovers are treated to Seattle's Best Coffee, and can walk just around the corner for a sweet ice cream treat at Dreyer's. Those who prefer the mundane can feast at Subway, but for travelers with a more refined palate, there are two options. The Café Cortez offers a host of unique light café dishes which are perfect for an easy breakfast or a light lunch. Dinner is best served at The Flame, the hotel's signature steakhouse, known for its signature beef, chicken and seafood dishes, as well as a varied and delightful wine selection. Anyone looking for the full experience under one roof can take advantage of El Cortez hotel deals. Multiple reviews name it as the place to be in Downtown Vegas.