Roulette Strategy | Basic Tips to Improve Winning Odds

Roulette has one of the worst casino game odds. In fact, house advantage goes above 5% in some games, and the payout is less than the odds of winning. But knowing some roulette strategy can help a player get the most out of roulette.

A player can use basic roulette strategy to extend his bankroll and to be able to enjoy the game longer. First, it is more advisable to play on the outside bet and settle on the minimum bet amount. In outside bets, chips are placed either on black or red on each spin. Doing this offers better odds since it pays 1:1 and wins in 18 out of 38 numbers.

The other roulette strategy suggests putting two bets with the same amount on outside bets, specifically, a bet on an even money and another bet on a dozen or column with 2:1 odds. For example, a bet on red combined with a bet on Column Two (with 8 black numbers) will give 26 chances to hit, and will cover 4 of the numbers twice. This strategy does not guarantee huge wins but it makes the game more interesting.

House advantage vary according to which roulette version is used. In an American version, house edge is at least 5%, while a European wheel with one (0) has a 2.63% advantage. The European version, however, is not that widely available in casinos. It is often reserved for high-rollers, so a higher table minimum is very likely. Still, this version offers better winning odds since house advantage is much lower than that in an American wheel with a (00).

Some casinos offer an En Prison rule in the European wheel which effectively lowers house edge to 1.35%. This applies to even money bets only. For example, a player places an even-money bet on black. When a (0) turns up, his bet becomes imprisoned so he leaves the bet for the next spin. He does not win or lose during this spin. If, on the next spin, the ball lands again on (0), his bet is locked up again. If it lands on red, he loses. If it lands on black, he gets the original bet amount back.

While luck plays a major role in roulette, applying these basic strategies can help a player extend his gaming pleasure.